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Bring your students to the Union Pacific Museum for an exciting active learning experience! All of our programs are designed to foster critical thinking skills that students can apply in many other parts of their lives. Programs are available for elementary, middle, and high school classes and are tailored to meet the needs of each grade.

Please book your program at least two weeks in advance. 

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K-12 tours are available Tuesdays-Saturdays starting at 9am. Self-guide visits are only available during open hours Thursdays-Saturdays 10am-4pm.

All K-12 groups visiting the museum must be chaperoned by adults over the age of 18 and maintain a 1-10 chaperone/student ratio unless otherwise specified.

We request that your group include 10 or more people.

All parking at the museum is metered street parking. Meters are $.50 per hour from 8:30am-5:00pm M-F; meters are free on Saturday. If you have booked a tour or program, we will reserve limited free parking spaces for buses and vans.

Guided Tour Pricing

We accept cash, all major credit cards and checks. Checks should be payable to the Union Pacific Museum Association. Receipts are available upon request.

There is no charge to self-guide.

Unless otherwise noted, all programs are priced:

  • Children - $3
  • Adults and Chaperones - $5
  • Teachers and  Bus Drivers - Free

Thanks to generous donors, admission scholarships are available to qualified groups.  Scholarships are available year round.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship recipients are required to complete an online survey after their visit. This survey provides us with information about your field trip experience and assists us in continuing to provide exceptional group tours.

Field Trip Survey

Student Programs at the Museum

Great Big Rolling Railroad: All aboard! This program will introduce students to learning in a museum. Students will explore the era of passenger travel while practicing skills like close looking, imaginative thinking, comparing and contrasting, and empathy.

90 minutes - Suggested grades: PreK - 2nd grade

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Railway Time Travelers: Don't be late! Students will learn about the development of standardized time and explore the ways the railroad changed how Americans experienced time. They will also practice telling time using analog pocket watches and race against the clock to solve a time puzzle.

2 hours - Suggested grades: K - 5th grade

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Engineering a Railroad: What does it take to make a railroad work? Students will use STEM thinking, teamwork, and creative problem solving to work through a series or challenges that the railroad has faced, past and present.

2 hours - Suggested grades: 5th - 9th grade

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Telegraphs, Trains, and Trouble: Can you unlock the secrets of the past? Students will first receive a crash course in primary source analysis using actual documents from the museum's collection. They will then apply what they've learned to solve an escape room style mystery set in an 1890s railroad station agent office. 

2 hours - Suggested grades: 4th - 12th grade

30 students maximum, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only

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Legacy of the Transcontinental Railroad (K-6th): Come investigate: what does the transcontinental railroad mean in American History? Students will explore multiple perspectives and practice historical empathy to understand the wide ranging and far reaching effects of the transcontinental railroad on Indigenous Peoples, workers, and travelers west.

2 hours - Suggested grades K - 6th grade

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Legacy of the Transcontinental Railroad (6th-12th): Come investigate: what does the transcontinental railroad mean in American History? Students will analyze the museum's exhibits, examine primary sources representing multiple perspectives, and use what they've learned to design their own exhibit to answer the question: what is the legacy of the transcontinental railroad?

2 hours - Suggested grades 6th - 12th grade

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Student Programs in Your Classroom

Building America:  Bring history to life in your classroom with this 3D presentation!  Learn about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad like never before.  Students will receive 3D glasses to view the photographs that were taken during the 1860s construction.  

50 min. Suggested grades:  3rd-5th, 8th- 12th

Call 712-329-8307 or email to book

Operation Lifesaver:  Safety First means we all know how to act around trains; a lesson crucially important in our area.  Have an interactive, grade-specific safety program in your classroom or at the UPRR Museum as part of your field trip. Additional information about Operation Lifesaver and classroom resources can be found at

30 min. Suggested grades: K-12,

Free program

Call 712-329-8307 or email to book

Adult Tours

Museum Highlights: Your guide to 150 plus years of railroad history. See both floors of the museum and follow the Union Pacific Railroad from its founding in 1862, though building the transcontinental railroad, the golden age of passenger travel, all the way to the railroad today.

1 hour

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Hidden History of a Carnegie Library: Architecture can communicate a lot about a building’s purpose, its place in a community, and the time in which it was built. Explore the language of architecture, the story of our building, and its place in local and national history. You’ll never look at this building the same way again.

1 hour

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Self-Guide: If your group or organization wants to visit the museum but does not want a tour, please reserve self-guide time. We can ensure no other tours are going on during your visit and we will reserve free bus or van parking. Casual family groups do not need to pre-book self-guide visits.

There is no charge to self-guide.

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Bus Tour Options: Choose from one of five exciting tour options:

Classic Highlights Tour

Hidden History of Wartime Railroads

Hidden History of Death on the Railroad

Hidden History of a Carnegie Library

Hidden History of Railroad Crimes, Scandals, and Scams

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