Union Pacific Museum Association

The Union Pacific Museum Association's mission is to support the Museum's mission to provide quality exhibits and educational programming to a diverse audience about the past, present and future of America's premier railroad, Union Pacific, by providing support, funding and a community voice for the Union Pacific Railroad Museum.

This endeavor is overseen by a dedicated Board of Directors that represents the community. This Board provides input and guidance on the daily operation and management of the museum.

The association provides funding for all permanent and special exhibits, advertising, educational programming and two staff members at the museum.

All revenue for the association comes through sales in the gift shop, donations, planned giving, special events, grants, and from memberships.

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Board of Directors
  • Eric Hamilton
  • Arnold Nesbitt
  • Wesley T. Norquist
  • McKayan "Mack" LaRock
  • Dr. Maria Arbalaez
  • David Bills
  • Margarite Goodenow
  • Jon Leu
  • Larry Lord
  • Jennifer Plummer
  • Leslie Southard
  • Sharon Wood
Associate members
  • Mary Ann Hanusa
  • Carl Heinrich
  • George Marshall
  • Linda Marshall
  • Richard "Dick" Miller
  • Daniel Padilla
  • Dave Wingert