America Travels By Rail Exhibit

This unique exhibit will bring to life the travel and destinations Americans have enjoyed from the 1930s until passenger service transferred to Amtrak in 1971.

Put yourself in a dining car, a lounge car and a coach car; see 1000s of artifacts on display, including Union Pacific's extensive railroad china collection and authentic vintage Union Pacific uniforms, menus and furniture.

With a range of multimedia, including mural-size historical photographs and video reels, this exhibit celebrates the height of passenger travel on Union Pacific.

Some Exhibit Highlights:

  • View historic newsreels, Union Pacific short films and television advertisements from the golden era of passenger travel in a 360 degree projection room.
  • Explore the inside of three car replicas from the 1950s.
  • Stand in awe of more than 300 pieces of Union Pacific’s silver and fine china collection.
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