The Union Pacific Museum's Top 5 Reasons to Give!

As a nonprofit, 501 (c) 3, organization, the Union Pacific Museum Association relies on charitable donations to help us preserve, protect, and display historic treasures. Your generosity allows the museum to create new interactive exhibits and develop live presentations; inspiring and fostering passion in future science, engineering and technology leaders. But, what about you? What does giving do for you?

The Union Pacific Museum’s Top 5 Reasons to Give!

5. Children are watching! Let’s raise good citizens
Teaching children about philanthropy creates community awareness, social responsibility, and how to be a good neighbor.

4. Be part of a team!
Your donation multiplies community impact, combining your gift with others. Let’s see what we can collectively accomplish!

3. Children are watching Part 2! Be a Role Model
Sharing the experience of donating to charity with children shows them from a young age that they can make positive changes in the world.

2. Meet great people!
Charity giving can set up connections and help people come together for something inherently good. Whether neighbors, or folks with similar interests and passions, you’ll be in good company.

1. Generosity reduces stress and produces happiness hormones!
Research has identified a link between making a charitable donation and an increase in activity in the area of the brain that registers pleasure.

So take a moment and join the museum as a donor or a patron! You are making a difference in your community with your contribution.